Clothing & Equipment

Clothing & Safety Equipment

Safety equipment and clothing

We offer a great range of safety equipment and clothing. Download & view our product catalogue (below) and to place an order, fill in the safety equipment order form (below). Please bring the form and the payment along to class & give it to our club Secretary Mrs Glenis Sumners.

Dobok (training suit) 
When you first start Taekwon-Do, you may train in jogger bottoms and a comfortable but lightweight top. No footwear is required as we train in bare feet. Prior to your first grading test, you will need an official Sumners Taekwon-Do/ GTUK dobok. These are available through your club Secretary - please download & complete the Clothing & equipment order form and hand it in to Mrs Glenis Sumners.

Sparring safety equipment
Light (semi-contact) sparring forms part of the Taekwon-Do syllabus and students need to wear protective safety equipment. Initially, students can train without safety equipment but will be limited to shadow (no contact) sparring. When to purchase your safety equipment is left up to the individual student although it becomes compulsory prior to a students’ 4th grading test (after 9 -11 months). Safety equipment may be purchased through the club although some students do prefer to source their own, after confirming with their instructor, to ensure it meets all relevant safety standards.

Club clothing
Sumners Taekwon-Do supplies clothing ranging from track suits to baseball caps. The Clothing & Equipment Catalogue and Clothing & Equipment Order Form are available for download below.
For any further information, contact us. We will be happy to help.
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